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released June 26, 2016

MEDIC is: Aaron Wagner, Dominick Wagner, Andrew Black. All songs written and performed by MEDIC. "Soldiers of Olympia (Wide Awake)” written w/ Brad Nyght. Produced and Engineered by Aaron Wagner and MEDIC at WATR Studios in Castle Rock, CO. Co-produced and Engineered by Brad Nyght at The Bakery Studios in Dallas, Texas. Additional Production by Miller Harveaux. “Wake Me Up” produced by Michael Rossback at Crystal Village Studios in Colorado Springs, CO. Additional Musician Appearances by: Miller Harveaux (Guitars), Jeremy Larson (Strings on Rebuild), Brad Nyght (Keys, Drums, Vocals). Mixed by Michael Child in McKinney, TX. Mastered by Troy Glessner at Spectre Mastering in Seattle, Washington. Cover Photo by Steve Stanton. Band Photo by Sean Hagwell. Art Direction by Jen Wagner.



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MEDIC Denver, Colorado

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Track Name: Giants
Steal away my breath
Cast me out to sea
I’ll shed away this skin
For the martyr in me

And this world will burn in grey
My heart will sing your name
And as I die with you
I’ll fly with you

We are still young and dumb
But someday we will learn to cross
These empty streets, they hold us back inside

We’re poets now cause we never know
We’re giants but we never grow to old for things
That make us laugh til we cry

Are we lost here
Or have we just forgotten to be found?
Track Name: Wake Me Up (Album Version)
Young man sit back down
Are you listening?
They say the devil’s in the details and the noise

And with our lack of faith we’ve lost our will to win
But winning’s in the money, not the Lord

Oh don’t let my heart fail me now
Break the silence with a whisper
Then scream aloud like you don’t know better

Wake me up and let me know
We’ll fly away and let them go
Everything I have is yours always

Believe me now we’ll find a way
You and I are here to stay
Everything I have is yours always

Broken dreams and shattered things
Are we half the men that we used to be
When we were younger?

Don’t let my heart fail me now
Track Name: If I Could Stay
I’ve got a feelin in my bones
An aching heart that’s criminal
Stealing sleep just like a thief

If you’ve got time just let me know
Use cloud and fire to take me home
Take me home

If I could stay in your arms forever
Would you say it’s okay to not be strong
But to keep on
I’ve been running away from the rights that I’ve wronged
But today it’s okay to not be strong and to keep on

I’ll let you set me right because I’m spinning round
I’m leaving unclean marks upon your holy ground
I’m tattered and torn among the least

So say what you came to remind me how you came through then
Don’t let me beg, steal or borrow strength for tomorrow
Cause I need you now

I can feel it in the air tonight
My heart is beating through my chest
And I will fight the inhibition creeping in to tell me I don’t give enough
Track Name: Room To Run (Album Version)
I got desperate hands
And i’m grabbing all I can
Honey I’ll be your ship at sea
Heading back for land

All I know comes with a price tag
I’ll be waiting here with what I have left

Give me time to explain myself
I’ll be here in line waiting for release
All I know is this room to run
Don’t leave me waiting here
Don’t leave me waiting here

I’ve got answers
And it’s just the obvious that I’ve got nowhere else to run
All i believe comes after seeing
Tell me how was I to know
How was I to know?
Track Name: Electric Heart
I never know what all the fightings forI'm from the land in-between
They say there's gold inside these mountains of mine
By our shame stands tall like evergreen

Pray--its not over
We'll take whatevers left of our youth
Stay--undercover here
Fall--in the deep end
Tell me things that no one else knows
Call—it a season to let go

We came along with the fire burned into us
But here the claim we are wrong
How dare they say that all love was an incident
And now the moment is gone
Track Name: Ichabod
Tell me now what’s left beneath this flesh and bone
Is there a purpose I don’t see?
Maybe a strength to be revealed?

God only know’s how hard I’ve tried to let this go
But just like the wind I run way too fast
Keep holding it in and never let go of the past

When all is said in done are you still my only one?
When my world goes from bend to break will it shake me?
Will you save me?

Tell me now what’s left when you have gone away?
Is there a reason now to stay?
I shake in my boots at the unnamed

Better days, newer ways more afraid than we’ve ever been before
We’re living off the land of the typical

Just like the wind I run way to fast
Keep holding it in and never let go of the past
Track Name: Rebuild
You’ve been caught in the riptides of all you knew to be true
So you wander into strange lands where the rain still falls when the sky is blue
And you can’t get enough of make believe love

Say you’ll stay when the ruins are all that remain
When our world comes undone, we can rebuild
We were made like heaven but should the devil come and then we forget
When our world comes undone we can rebuild

We belong to the ocean like vagabonds of the shore
A sweet and simple revelation that we’re getting more than we’ve bargained for
So raise your glass to the mysteries of love war and eternity
Track Name: Soliders of Olympia
Back from the dead, back to the start
Open up your heart and let it go free
Everything is yours take what you need
All we need is here so let it be

Be here in our love
Stay here and now

Wide Awake
We're wide awake

Keep believing

Say what you mean, mean everything
Open up your eyes and let them see
See a world that’s young and yet to be
Make a space us out of things unseen

Honey you don’t know what you don’t know yet
It’s better to feel it than runaway with your head
Talking is cheap we never heard what they said
Cause we're wide awake, we're wide awake
Track Name: Trees
Look up at the stars
Give it up and go home
Dream about your life in a car
On the way to a place you don’t know

Your heart is unmanned
Free in the most captivating sense
We’ll never grow old again
We will never grow old again

Could you show me how to lose myself
In the hope that I know you will be here tomorrow?
Give me all that you have left
Could we stay?
Could we stay?

We’d believe in the trees
But they’re not as tall as they used to be
You and I were never this simple
Til we became the least

Would you take these words even if they hurt
Make these dead bones live again?
I will not bow to this
I will not be just another man that loses to my fear